- Learning new ways to mix and match with everyday garments - 

Matchmatchy is an app that helps busy people select unique pieces and learn new ways to mix and match with everyday garments. 

My Role:  Design Research, UX, UI 

Tools: Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Principle, Keynote

Team:  Individual  

Length:  5 Days (Spring 2018)

Picking out an outfit in the morning takes time. People used to select their outfits depending on weather, occasions, and people around them. Some unique pieces and accessories can represent their different personalities and add enjoyable moments in their life. 

After talking with 6 interviewees, I came up with the concept and designed the user experience. 



01. Lack of Time  

There is limited time to select their daily outfit in the morning. 

“ I look at weather and closet, then think about a few minutes. I always have to rush. I don’t have time to change.

- Elissa, UX designer at Adobe

02. Lack of Utility  

The closet is disorganized which leads to different usage frequency; some clothes are frequently used while others are not. 


“Women tend to have a lot of pieces, they feel they don’t have enough, but my closet doesn’t have enough space for the safe choices. If I am in a hurry situation, I probably want to go with safe choices.”         

                                      - Anran, senior designer at Amazon



How might we help people choose their outfits to increase their usage frequency? 





  1. Encourage more users to rethink the way to manage their outfits.

  2. Potential opportunities to collaborate with e-commerce, online stores, fashion bloggers. 

  3. Create a sharable platform where everyone can get inspiration on how to dress.  



  1. Great for busy people who need to change different outfits for their work needs but lack time or inspiration on how to dress appropriately

  2. Great for people who want to increase their fashion style and lack resources to learn it