TruMe TV is a new digital television streaming service for young people and their families.

TruMe makes the most of your services

Existing TV Brandings are lacking the connection between Live TV and Streaming Services. There is a tremendous opportunity to connect TV with other services, such as talk shows and small education videos for children. 


This project focuses on demonstrating how visual design supports the desired behaviors for multiple screen contexts. Understanding the visual hierarchy, typography, use of grid and structure in the context of user interface.






My Role: UI design, Branding, Visual system, UX design  

Tools: Sketch, Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop, Principle, Adobe Premier 

Team:  Individual 

Length:  7 Weeks (Fall 2015)

TruMe TV is a new digital television streaming service for young people and their families. 


TruMe allows users to choose from hundreds of television shows a la carte and access them on-demand and via live TV stream on their Apple TV or Chromecast connected television, computer, or device of their choice.

About TruMe TV


Target Market

Primary users: Current cable customers, new users of Apple TV or Chromecast, Hulu and Netflix subscribers, and viewers who watch Television shows on YouTube.

TruMe meets users’ desire by its various categories, 

multiple product choices and amazing user interface. 

Users will have amazing experiences by watching live TV, 

series, movies, Ted Talks and Khan Academy videos anytime 

anywhere on the iPad and sync to their TV. 

Experience Map

Logo Variation 

Style Tile

Wireframe | Navigation flow

Design Touchpoints

Design Touchpoints

Sara enters TruMe website to research what this brand is and what the new services are. She finds a convenient way to choose plans and download the application. 


Sara likes comedy. Her favorite "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" is playing. She launches IPad and watches it during her break time in the office. At the same time, she also has a chance to access schedules from the same channel.  


While she is watching Live Show, she can easily switch to Streaming Service and watch other episodes. During her commute hours, Sara can continually watch the same episode through Streaming Service.


Add TrueMe on your apple TV, Chrome Cast and Amazon streaming services. The TrueMe voice control function allows her to add contents to her watchlists and sync to TV hands-free.